O-Shihan  Kirby Roy

I started martial arts at LSU-A in August 1972, and became

a member of the LSU-AJudo class, for credit.  I then joined

 the ju-jutsu classes during noon lunch and became part of

the “demo team.”  Later in the year (1972), Shihan’s Bill

Pearson and James Marler started night classes in my

hometown, Mansura.  Other instructors included Jimmy

Gauthier (w/o him I would have never received my black

belt), Bill Ryder, Donald Gagnard, Butch Gauthier, Gary

Tisdale, Ted Gambardella, etc. I received my black belt in 1977

in Oikiru Jujutsu (not Juko-ryu Jujutsu) due to complications

at the national level.  In 1985, I achieved the level of Shihan

(5th dan)and in 1994, 10th dan (both in Juko-Ryu

Ju-Jutsu/Kempo).  In 1996, I was awarded the title of Kaiden

and in 1997 the title of Meijin (martial arts genius).

Unbelievable, because when I was a candidate for third dan,

Jimmy Gauthier stated, “This is the end of the line.  We will

never achieve any higher rank because higher ranks were

national and administrative positions.”


In 1988, John Allen and I achieved our Shihan (5th dan) in Ki-Jutsu

(first of its kind/1st in line).  This was done at the second (2nd of 2) Dallas Cowboy’s

spring training clinics.  I took John and my son, Brandon, to a three day demo and

one month later returned for a five day training session and the famous demo which

made the front page of all area newspapers, Today Show, half time of a New Orleans

Saints game, The Johnny Carson Show, Black Belt Magazine, etc.


Today, I have earned rankings in Aiki (3rd dan, 1984), Seidokan (5th dan, 1985), Toide (6th dan, 1986), UOP [Dr. Degree (non-certified), 1987],  Kobudo/weapons (1998), Iai-Jutsu (5th dan, 2005),  Okuden (3rd dan, 2006), Judo (2nd dan, 2010),  and many other ranks.  In 1998, after the death of my daughter, I stopped teaching at my dojo and became involved in politics.  Soke placed me as an “Instructor at large.”  I was inducted into the JUKO-RYU Hall of Fame in 2011.


The following are just some of the many appointments that I have obtained through the years.  My first was co-director (1987) of Juko-Ryu Ju-Jutsu.  In 1988, I became a Division Head of Ki-Jutsu.  I also served on the US Board of Advisors/Governors, Vice-President, and Executive Committed through the years.  In 1994, I received my Samurai and in 1997, I received my Kyoju (professor).  I have been a life time member of JKI for over 32 years.  In the early 80’s, I became a member of the “Society of Black Belts.”  Today, I serve as a Division Head in JKI.


I have been very fortunate to been part of many demo’s at the national level with Soke.  My first was Puerto Rico in 1987 (returned the week of my comp’s/test-M.Ed) followed by the Dallas Cowboys.  Others included NBC “You Asked For It” (“Seeing Is Believing”), Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Discovery Channel (twice), The Learning Channel (“TOP 10”), Univision (The Spanish Channel),  Sport Science (2008, Fox Network), JAPAN twice in 2010-2011, and the latest, Stan Lee’s “Superhuman” on the History Channel.  What an adventure it has been the last 45 years!

Married to Samantha Smith.  Five children (two deceased).  Eleven grand-children.  One great!


LSU     BS Degree

NSU    M.Ed Degree     w/student –teacher supervision certificate.

41 years as a teacher/coach

Job’s for America’s Graduates Specialist (many national/state recognition awards -17 years)

JAG State Advisory Board: Co-Chairman

Avoyelles Parish School Athletic Director (2004-present)

Past President (4 Years) of the Avoyelles Parish Police Jury (8 years)

Re-elected (Nov 2012) Police Juror and currently serving as vice president.

Past GOP State Central Committee Chairman-Avoyelles (2 terms)

Avoyelles Rotary Club/Past President/Paul Harris

Governor’s Commission on Used Motor Vehicle Commission (2008-2016)

President-Avoyelles Progressive Action Committee (APAC-Workforce and Headstart)

Numerous civic/community organizations and clubs

10th Degree Black Belt-Juko Ryu Ju-jutsu / 45 years / Division Head

           Many martial arts TV appearances:

                    *NBC “You Ask For It” / “Seeing is Believing”

                    *”Ripley’s Believe It or Not”

                    *”Learning Channel’s “Ultimate Top 10”

                    *Univision; *Discovery Channel (twice);

                    *Fox “Sport Science

                    *JAPAN (twice:  2010-2011)

                    *Stan Lee’s “Superhuman” (History 2)

Kirby Roy (Meijin)   Kempo Jujutsu 10th Dan

     Ki Jutsu    7th Dan

     Toide       5th Dan

     Seidokan    5th Dan

     Toho     5th Dan

     Aiki-Jujutsu      3rd Dan

     Judo     2nd Dan

     Kobudo    5st  Dan

     Goshin Jujutsu   5th Dan

     Tai Jujitsu    5th Dan

      Okuden    3rd Dan



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